Kal Penn on Cardi B Agreeing to Officiate His Wedding

Kal Penn appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' recently, where he told a story about about sharing a flight with Cardi B and the serendipitous events that followed.

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After announcing his engagement to his boyfriend Josh recently, Kal Penn now says that Cardi B might officiate their wedding.

Penn described how these circumstances came to be while on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which the actor said that he and the Bronx rapper were on the same flight from New York to Los Angeles. 

“We were flying to L.A. for some book promotion stuff but I noticed Cardi B was on the flight,” he said. “It’s an early flight from New York. I was like, ‘Yo, Cardi B. I have to go say hello.’ And then promptly fell asleep and had a dream that Cardi officiated our wedding on the plane itself and then we held hands walking out of LAX—the three of us, together.”

Since Penn never got a chance to say hi to her, he tweeted about it instead, though decided not to tag her because he thought “it might be tacky.”

Penn wrote, “Cardi B was on my flight to LA. I fell asleep and had a dream that she officiated our wedding on the plane and the three of us walked out of LAX holding hands.”

Even though he didn’t tag her, Cardi saw his message and quote-tweeted, “First, why didn’t you say hi! Second, I’m licensed to do that sooo……..let me know..”

First, why didn’t you say hi! Second, I’m licensed to do that sooo……..let me know. https://t.co/NTGvVdacFY

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) November 4, 2021

The pair exchanged a couple more tweets, with both concluding that they’re down to make this happen.

I’m down I’ll get my suit https://t.co/MUpALOsLVQ

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) November 4, 2021

Penn and Kimmel discussed what the wedding could look like if Penn decides to go the traditional route and have an Indian ceremony. “Indian weddings can be 10 days long,” Penn said. “So I imagine if she’s got the time in her schedule, it’ll be the day that she officiates and then nine days of aunties asking her about her lyrics.”

Penn was on the show to discuss his new book You Can’t Be Serious. Penn only recently opened up about his sexuality in a new interview with People, where he revealed that he and Josh have been together for 11 years.

Elsewhere in his sit down with Kimmel, Penn discussed volunteering for Barack Obama and segueing that into a paid position.

Watch the interview above.

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