Jordan Peele Flipped Destiny Child's "Say My Name" for 'Candyman' Trailer and People Are Losing It

The 'Candyman' trailer took the internet by storm on Thursday.

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Jordan Peele seems to have an affinity for creepy remixes. After totally reinventing the the song “I Got 5 On It,” for the Us trailer and the ensuing movie, Peele employed similar scare tactics in the new Candyman trailer. 

The first real look at the Peele-produced remake features a completely warped version of the iconic chorus from Destiny’s Child “Say My Name.” While some may think it's blasphemous to use Beyoncé in the name of evil, the song's chorus is a perfect match for the film's titular villain, who appears when you, well, say his name. 

After the trailer swept the internet on Thursday morning, people seemed to be both pleased and disturbed with the eerie “Say My Name” flip.

idk how this nigga made me scared of say my name by destiny’s child but here we are

— Meech Arlert (@DemetriusHarmon) February 27, 2020



— Waiting To Oxtail (@ThatDudeMCFLY) February 27, 2020

the way jordan peele is able to change songs like "say my name" and "i got 5 on it" into horror themes yup genius

— lauren 🖤 (@RenMarieG) February 27, 2020

NOOOOOOOOO NOT WIT THE DESTINY’S CHILD “Say My Name” FLIP. @JordanPeele HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! #Candyman trailer lets GOOOOOOOOOOO...home because this is scary AF.

— TASK: Niggles With Attitude #BLM #StopAsianHate (@UpToTASK) February 27, 2020

Say My Name is trending and my little 90's pop kid heart is busting out singing some classic Destiny's Child only to find out it's a scary movie.

That's basically adulthood.

— Lady Cristalia (@Lady_Cristalia) February 27, 2020

my scary ass won’t be seeing candyman but i absolutely need that chopped version of “say my name” good lord

— Lauren Chanel (@MichelleHux) February 27, 2020

sooo now i can’t listen to “I got 5 On It” or “Say My Name” without being scared 😭😭. What are doing to us, JORDAN?

— creative chaos 🦋 (@itshaileyd) February 27, 2020

In the original Candyman trailer from 1992, the serial killer was the son of a slave and a renowned artist who was lynched in 1890 for loving a white woman. Candyman roamed Chicago’s Cabrini-Green public housing projects, killing any person who said his name five times when staring in the mirror. 

Peele’s remake—dubbed a “spiritual sequel”—features Watchmen’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II  and is directed bi Nia DaCosta. It hits theaters June 12, 2020. 

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