Floating Cinemas Using Socially Distanced Boats Coming to Various U.S. Cities

Australian-based entertainment company Beyond Cinema is launching a series of socially distanced "floating cinemas" in a select number of U.S. cities.

floating cinema

Image via Getty/Kiran Ridley

floating cinema

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to come up with creative ways to entertain large audiences, particularly since movie theaters, concerts, and events probably won’t resume until at least next year.

While drive-ins have had a comeback, particularly because it’s easy to maintain social distancing, one group is now launching a series of film screenings on the water. Beyond Cinema, an Australian entertainment and event company, has created “floating cinemas” with socially distanced boats.

WESH 2 reports that a floating theater is coming to Orlando in September, with each showing made of 12 to 24 mini boats that can each hold up to eight people. The one caveat is that your party, regardless of size, has to rent the entire boat in order to guarantee safety.

The films will be a mixture of “golden oldies and new releases,” and titles will be announced when tickets go on sale. Popcorn will be free for all attendees, and other snacks and drinks will be available for purchase.

The Beyond Cinema experience is coming to a handful of cities: Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Houston, Chicago, Miami, New York, Austin, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Columbus, and Cincinnati, as well as Canada. Right now, it’s been confirmed that floating cinemas will be in Los Angeles and San Diego from Sept 2. through Sept. 6, and Miami from Sept. 9-13.

The company has already successfully launched the venture in Paris.

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