Bam Margera Returns to Florida Rehab Facility Under New Plan As an Outpatient

Bam Margera's team has asked a judge to restructure his rehab treatment so that he's an outpatient, hoping that will deter him from fleeing the program.

Bam Margera photographed in Las Vegas

Image via Getty/Mindy Small

Bam Margera photographed in Las Vegas

The team and family of Bam Margera have a new plan in place, TMZ reports. Rather than have an in-patient recovery plan, Margera will now be out-patient but have to follow the same rules. Sources told the outlet that he recently came back to his court-ordered rehab program and is hoping these new changes are favorable for him.

Margera’s team asked a judge to revamp the former Jackass star’s stint in rehab. Though he’s no longer in-patient, the treatment remains the same, with him having to stay sober, go to classes, and see a psychiatrist.

Margera escaped his Florida facility multiple times these last few months, with local authorities bringing him back time and again to his program. But clearly, the prescribed route wasn’t working for Margera; the situation demanded a different course of action.

On June 15, he was reported “missing” from rehab after successfully completing a 12-month treatment program the month before. He was found at a hotel and taken back to the facility, only to go missing again on June 26, and was again found at a hotel a couple days later. In July, footage surfaced of Margera partying with a group of friends.

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