Bam Margera has finished a year-long drug and alcohol treatment program in Florida.

In a report published Tuesday, TMZ shared details on the 12-month milestone, including word from Margera that he will now be utilizing outpatient treatment for the next several months while living nearby with his wife and son.

At some point in the future, Tuesday’s report adds, Margera intends to move back to the Southern California area. The plan is to buy a new home and start working on sobriety-focused endeavors with others in the skateboarding community.

Margera shared a pair of posts to Instagram on Monday commemorating the one-year milestone, including one in which he declared “Bam’s back” and “Bam’s free” via hashtags. See more below.

Last month, TMZ was also the first to report that Margera had filed to dismiss his lawsuit against several names involved with Jackass Forever—including Johnny Knoxville and Paramount—after reaching a private settlement. When the lawsuit was initially filed in 2021, Margera argued that he was unfairly fired from the Jackass sequel after testing positive for Adderall, which he said was prescribed to him by a doctor.

Despite the firing, Margera does appear briefly in the film, which hit theaters in February. This Friday, the Jackass Forever experience will be extended with the release of Jackass 4.5 on Netflix. According to a recent teaser statement shared by the streamer, fans can expect “more stunts and stupidity.”