Watch Anderson Cooper Giggle Uncontrollably After John Mayer Calls From Cat Cafe on New Year’s

The singer phoned in while Cooper and Andy Cohen were hosting CNN's 'New Year’s Eve Times Square' broadcast.

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Anderson Cooper couldn’t keep it together when John Mayer phoned in from a cat cafe in Tokyo for New Year's Eve.

Cooper and Andy Cohen were hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Times Square broadcast when the singer casually called the pair to say hi, accompanied by a few tabby cats. As Mayer was speaking, the cats could be seen walking all over the bar, and Cooper could barely contain his laughter. Cohen quizzed Mayer about the felines as he tried to keep a straight face, while at Cats in the Box in Tokyo’s Shinjuku center.

“This is a place you can come, enjoy a drink or two, and talk to cats,” Mayer explained, as Cooper continued to giggle. “It’s a cat bar. I mean, I don’t know how much more clear I can be about the objective of this place.”

At one point, Cooper had to step off camera, though the cameraman ended up panning over to him as the host was gathering himself.

During the call, Mayer also fed the cats. “I thought these were solid treats. This seems to be a paste of some kind that you feed the cats directly from a tube. It turns out this is a gelatinous cat paste,” he said.

We should note that Cooper had been boozing pretty hard throughout the broadcast, a welcome change after CNN infamously made the hosts go dry last year.

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