Michael Blackson Deletes His Offensive Rape Joke Following Backlash

In response to Nelly's arrest, comedian Michael Blackson tweeted an insensitive joke about rape. The tweet has since been deleted.

Michael Blackson

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Michael Blackson

Comedian Michael Blackson deleted an insensitive joke about rape and is now being dragged on social media. 

Just hours after Nelly was arrested for alleged sexual assault, Blackson went to Twitter calling for the rapper’s release while also making a joke about rape.

“That's why I only fuck with big fat huge women because if they ever try to accuse me of rape the cops will laugh at them,” the 44-year-old comedian wrote before inserting “#FreeNelly.”

Michael Blackson Tweet

Though some users defended Blackson, insisting it’s his job to make light of serious situations, others criticized him for joking about an issue many consider to be painful. 

If something happened to Michael Blackson at the hands of the state folks would expect the big fat huge women he speaks of to fight for him

— blackness everdeen 🐺🏞 (@traceyecorder) October 7, 2017

To have to reach so far for a joke at the expense of rape victims or plus sized women shows how disrespectful you can really be

— Dee (@deckedoutbeauty) October 7, 2017

Everyone laughing at this is sick, whether it's a joke or not it's disrespectful. He's making jokes on RAPE! something that happened to many pic.twitter.com/b4nuxR1cvC

— Miracle.Bangtan (@CNCO_boyz) October 7, 2017

Delete. This. Shit.

— Neicy’s Mushroom Cut (@Msbenz1984) October 7, 2017

This is not remotely funny smfh🙄🙄😐👎🏿👎🏿

— Brian (@encrypted_bml) October 7, 2017

Blackson's tweet has since been deleted. 

Nelly was taken into custody early Saturday on second degree rape charges. As we previously reported, the 42-year-old artist is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman on his tour bus following a Friday night concert near Seattle. Nelly's attorney, Scott Rosenblum has denied the allegations. 

“We’re in the initial stages of our investigation,” Rosenblum said. “This allegation is wholly and completely without merit. I would be surprised if charges are ever issued.”

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