Tree Species Named After Leonardo DiCaprio by Scientists

Scientists in London honored the Oscar-winning actor for his environmental activism, specifically his efforts to put an end to rainforest logging.

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the world premierof Netflix's "Don't Look Up"

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Leonardo DiCaprio attends the world premierof Netflix's "Don't Look Up"

A newly discovered tree species has been named after Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to USA Today, scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, honored the 47-year-old actor for his years-long commitment to environmental activism, specifically his online campaign to stop logging in Cameroon’s Ebo forest. Shortly after DiCaprio shed light on the issue, Cameroon’s president suspended logging concessions in the forest, which is considered an important site for primate conservation.

“We think [DiCaprio] was crucial in helping to stop the logging of the Ebo Forest,” Dr. Martin Cheek of Kew told the BBC. 

The tree—officially named the “Uvariopsis dicaprio”—reportedly stands 13 feet tall and has bright yellow flowers that grow from its trunk. The tropical evergreen tree, which is said to be a member of the ylang ylang family and is only found in small areas of the Ebo Forest, is critically endangered.

Scientists named a tree in Cameroon’s tropical Ebo forest Uvariopsis dicaprio after the famous actor.

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) January 6, 2022

The honor comes fresh off the release of DiCaprio’s Don’t Look Up, the record-breaking Netflix film that serves as an allegory for the current climate crisis.

Years ago, scientists predicted the damaging effects of climate change that we’re now experiencing. We must listen to scientists and take the necessary steps to mitigate the crisis. #DontLookUp

— Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) January 5, 2022

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