Jordyn Woods Says She Has 'Love for Everyone,' Including Kylie Jenner

When asked if she wanted to rekindle the friendship, Woods gave a vague response.

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Jordyn Woods makes it clear she has nothing but love for Kylie Jenner. But is she hoping for reconciliation? It's hard to tell at this point.

Days after her surprise Coachella appearance, the model/influencer was spotted at LAX along with her bodyguard and mother, Elizabeth Woods. TMZ approached the 21-year-old and asked about her relationship with the Smith family, who have continued to support her in wake of her highly publicized cheating scandal involving Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

"Honestly, the whole world’s support is amazing," she said.

The TMZ cameraman then changed the subject to Woods' former bestfriend Kylie, asking if she "willing to rekindle the friendship and try to make things right. Woods gave a vague response, simply stating she has "love for everybody."

The paparazzo wouldn't let it go. "Do you love Kylie?" he asked.

"Always," she replied, before her mother chimed in with, "We love Kylie always."

As she made her into the airport, Woods ignored additional questions about her and Kylie's future. Before stepping onto an escalator, the cameraman asked: "Any messages for Kylie?"

Elizabeth shouted: "We love you, Kylie."

Check out the encounter in the video above.

In mid-February, sources told the media Woods had attended a house party where she ended up kissing Thompson, the father of Khloé's child. Woods addressed the rumors during an appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk series.

"I should have gone home after the party. I shouldn’t have even been there," she explained, before refuting several rumors. "[...] Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him. It’s just we’re all together; we’re in a group. Never once did we leave the public area, go to the bedroom, go to the bathroom ... I was drunk. I was not tipsy—I was drunk. But I was not beyond the point of recollection. I know where I was. But on the way out, he did kiss me ... No passion, no nothing."

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