Jillian Michaels Says She Regrets This One Thing About Her Controversial Lizzo Comments

Michaels faced fat-shaming accusations last week when she suggested Lizzo's body should not be celebrated.

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Jillian Michaels is trying really hard to convince the world she isn't a fat-shamer. 

The fitness guru/TV personality faced backlash last week after suggesting Lizzo's body should not be admired, as she was at risk of obesity-related health issues—specifically diabetes.

"Why are we celebrating her body?" Michaels said during an appearance on Buzzfeed News' AM2DM morning show. "Why aren't we celebrating her music? 'Cause it isn't going to be awesome if she gets diabetes. I love her music. My kid loves her music. But, there's never a moment where I'm like, 'And I'm so glad that she's overweight.'"

People immediately condemned Michaels over the comments, accusing the former Biggest Loser star of body-shaming Lizzo and perpetuating stereotypes with fat-phobic rhetoric. Michaels later told TMZ that she understood a person's value is not determined by his/her size or weight; however, she reiterated that being overweight is dangerous—perhaps more so today, as PC culture has led some people to glamorize obesity.

Michaels expanded on this during a recent sit-down with Extra's Billy Bush.

"I think this is where things can become unsafe, when we're so PC that we’re denying the reality of certain health ramifications," she said. "There’s two different narratives: One narrative is love yourself, value yourself, and—by the way, only from this place can you be healthier, mentally, physically, have healthy love, have a healthy career—you've got to value you yourself, believe in your worth, and believe in your ability. But where this comes into play, right, you’re weight, your size, whatever you want to call it, is your health, and denying that there are serious health ramifications when we are overweight is just not a lie I’m willing to tell."

Though Michaels didn't retract her comments about glamorizing and/or ignoring obesity, she said she regretted that Lizzo's name was dragged into the conversation. 

"First of all, she didn’t invite this at all," she said. "And what I really regret is this argument became about a person and what happened was I was asked if I celebrate her being overweight and I should have said, 'I don't celebrate anyone being overweight,' and I don’t know what would I say to her. I’m a huge fan, which is exactly what I said in the interview. Unfortunately, a human being was attached to a case that I was making. I wish that I would have responded that I don’t celebrate anyone being overweight."

You can hear Michael's full explanation below.

Shortly after Michaels' original comments, Lizzo posted a video of her simply stating: "If my name is in your mouth, so is my pussy, bitch. Enjoy the flavor." The entertainer didn't direct the message to anyone in particular, but the timing led some to believe it was in response to Michaels.

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