Announcing ComplexLand 2.0 for Summer '21

ComplexLand 2.0 will take place in June. The first iteration of the experience launched in late 2020, offering exclusive drops, musical performances, and more.

ComplexLand 2.0
Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

ComplexLand 2.0

Complex Networks has announced the return of ComplexLand, an immersive digital experience that fuses music, fashion, and gaming culture.

The inaugural event took place last December. ComplexLand 2.0 will retain a lot of the same elements as the original experience but on a much larger scale: We’re talking more drops from your favorite brands, more giveaways, more exclusive content, and deeper community engagement. Participants can also enjoy a number of key upgrades to the virtual venue, as well as the avatar options and social sharing features.

ComplexLand 2.0, which can be accessed for free via mobile and desktop, will take place from June 16-18. Stay tuned for further details about the event within the upcoming weeks. To keep up on the latest information, follow ComplexLand’s Instagram page or visit to sign up to receive the latest updates.

In addition to musical performances by Jaden Smith and Jack Harlow, the 2020 event featured panel discussions, conversations, and screenings. It also offered visitors the chance to shop coveted pieces from more than 60 brands. The week-long event received over 9.5 million interactions with a total of 3.2 million minutes of engagement.

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