Amber Rose Was 'Too Pretty' to Deal Crack When She Was Younger

The model/actress opens up about the time she resorted to drug dealing to survive.

Amber Rose is known for being unapologetically honest. The actress/model has never shied away from discussing sensitive—sometimes controversial topics—like sex, feminism, and her not-so-proudest moments. This week, Rose opened up about a time in her life when her financial struggles were so severe she resorted to trapping—or at least tried to.

Rose spoke about the attempted drug dealing efforts during an appearance on Van Lathan's The Red Pillpodcast. The 35-year-old explained she was in need of money and figured she would start selling crack in her hometown of Philly. Her plan was squashed when the local drug dealers insisted she wasn't cut out for the job, mostly because of her gender and looks.

"You know, I tried selling drugs. I tried selling crack in my neighborhood. And they (drug dealers) were like, 'No,'" Rose revealed. "They said I was gonna get robbed, I was a girl, and I was too pretty, and it wasn't going to happen. So what I did, I would bag it up for them. I would weigh it and bag up the crack rocks for them, and they would throw me some money."

Rose said she had to become "the queen of the house" at a young age, and that in order to survive, she had to take risks and make sacrifices. Rose told Lathan she doesn't speak about this experience because she "never wants to tell a sob story," but she also pointed out that many rappers tell similar stories to remind the world about their hustle and come-up. 

"I feel like rappers always get this pass of, like, 'I had to sell drugs to feed my daughter. I had to sell drugs to feed my family.' [...] Like, 'We made something out of nothing," she explained. "And when it comes to me, it's like, do I have to give you this story to understand? It's been nine years since I've been famous, and I never told that to nobody [...] Yeah, I was a stripper, and I did what the f**k I had to do to feed my family."

You can check out the clip above, and hear the rest of the interview via SoundCloud below.


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