Walter White Wants to Help Donald Trump 'Make America Cook Again' in 'SNL' Cold Open

Bryan Cranston stopped by 'Saturday Night Live' and played Walter White, who was named head of the DEA by Donald Trump.

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Despite being condemned by Donald Trump himself, it appears as though Saturday Night Live has no plans to stop its weekly assault on the future president, and thank god for that. This week’s episode, which was hosted by John Cena, featured another politically charged cold open dedicated to lampooning the week in Trump. And man, what a week it was

The president-elect made a series of baffling cabinet picks, filling his seats with a murderer’s row of wealthy CEOs and non-politicians who seem largely ill-equipped to help lead our country in the right direction. A climate change denier to lead the EPA? Check. A fast food czar who opposes minimum wage as Secretary of Labor? Yep. So who then, gets the honor of running Drug Enforcement Agency—you know, they're the ones in charge of keeping drugs out of the country—in Trump’s administration? Well, how about a high school teacher-turned-drug-kingpin from New Mexico?

That was the premise behind this week’s cold open, which featured Beck Bennett as CNN’s Jake Tapper, Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, and yes, Bryan Cranston as Walter White—pork pie hat and all—aka the new head of the DEA. According to Tapper, White came “highly recommended” by Steve Bannon, who found White “under the comments section at Breitbart.” We already knew White was a cold-blooded killer, but a member of the alt-right, too? Yikes.

So what do Trump and Mr. White see eye to eye on? Well first of all, White likes Trump’s “style.” “He acts first, and then asks questions later,” White said. “I also like that wall he wants to build. Nothing comes in from Mexico, which means a lot less competition for the rest of us.” 

White also digs the fact that Trump is a supporter of small businesses (although you wouldn’t know it), because as White tells it, it’s time to start cooking again. “We want to fill this nation with red, white, and a whole lot of blue,” he said. Does this mean Jesse Pinkman gets to be his deputy?

Watch the clip above. 

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