Shortly after Donald Trump was elected to be America’s next president, reports emerged indicating that Linda McMahon—yes, that Linda McMahon, the one who helped found the WWE alongside her husband Vince McMahonmight be named the Secretary of Commerce as part of Trump’s administration. Those reports didn’t turn out to be true, but Trump has selected McMahon to play a vital role. On Wednesday, Trump’s transition team announced that McMahon will lead the Small Business Administration.

In a statement announcing McMahon’s appointment, Trump referred to her as "one of the country’s top female executives." McMahon sent out this tweet saying that she is "honored" to head up the organization responsible for overseeing small businesses:

Her husband Vince and daughter Stephanie also took to Twitter to congratulate her:

And of course, Twitter had a field day with the WWE jokes:

McMahon, who is a resident of Connecticut, ran two unsuccessful Senate campaigns in 2010 and 2012.