Watch 'Weekend Update' Go All the Way In on Donald Trump on 'SNL'

'Saturday Night Live's' 'Weekend Update' unloaded a savage attack on Donald Trump and his transition.

Perhaps hearing the criticism that it played a heavy role in the normalization of Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live was particularly ruthless in their treatment of the president-elect yesterday—not that we’re complaining or anything. 

And while Trump will be licking his wounds for days after a savage cold open, it was Colin Jost and Michael Che who did the most damage, launching bomb after bomb on Trump from behind the “Weekend Update” desk.

It’s no secret that Trump’s transition process has been something of a disaster, which Che acknowledged right off the bat. “It hasn’t been great, but it also hasn’t been good or even fine,” Che said. And just like that, the no-holds-barred assault on Trump and his cronies was officially on. 

On Steve Bannon’s “news” site Breitbart, he noted: “News has been criticized by many for being a sexist, racist, white nationalist news site. Strong words, I don’t know if I would call it a news site. Calling Breitbart a news site is like calling R. Kelly’s sex tape a rom-com.”

And on future attorney general and noted racist Jeff Sessions: “Sessions was denied a federal position 30 years ago for making racist remarks,” Jost pointed out. “But you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, wait 30 years until history lurches backwards.”

The onslaught was capped off by a brilliant mini-monologue from Che on why he thinks Trump getting a job he didn’t really want is a lot like dating. “He enjoyed wooing America for 18 months, loved making crazy promises,” Che said. “Even when the media was talking about it. ‘Baby, don’t listen to your dumb fat friends, they’re just jealous.’ But it worked and America said yes!”

Trump would eventually tweet that last night’s episode wasn’t funny at all, so apparently we were watching two different shows.

When they weren't scorching the earth with Trump disses, the "Weekend Update" took on the proliferation of fake news, which is ironic coming from, well, a fake news show. Watch both clips above. 

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