RZA Directed an Episode of Netflix's 'Iron Fist'

Finn Jones revealed the Easter Egg in an Extra Live Q&A.

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RZA has a major thing for iron fists. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper directed episode six of Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series Iron Fist. This comes after RZA made his directorial debut in 2012 with The Man with the Iron Fists, a kung-fu saga that has absolutely no ties to Marvel’s Iron Fist comics or the upcoming show.

The juicy Easter egg was revealed during an Extra Live Q&A with Finn Jones, who stars as Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist. Jones explained that to help him develop his character, he made a playlist of songs that he believed Rand would listen to.

“It’s a lot of kind of ’90s hip-hop like De La Soul, Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan. Like that kind of music is really what Danny’s jamming to,” Finn said before revealing that RZA was at the helm of episode six. “So, yeah, there’s very close ties to hip-hop music and the Iron Fist series,” Finn added.

So what can we expect from RZA’s return to the director’s chair? Well if his previous directorial effort is any indication, the man knows his way around a martial arts action piece. Finn, it seems, agrees. “Oh, he's a dude," Jones said about his director. "He's a complete dude. Actually really sweet but chill. He has a really good vision of what he wants. He understands that martial arts genre."

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Watch RZA’s episode, which is titled "Immortal Emerges From Cave,” when Iron Fist drops on March 17 on Netflix.

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