Jeb Bush Wants to Kill a Terrorist With His Bare Hands

He's trying really hard not to be "low-energy."

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Jeb Bush might be trying a little too hard not to seem, as Donald Trump put it, "low-energy." In recent weeks his campaign has taken some hits, he's polling lower than ever, and his increasingly desperate efforts at cultural relevancy are just making us all feel kind of sorry for him. Yesterday The Circus, a political documentary series by Showtime, posted yet another of Jeb's feeble attempts on its YouTube channel, causing us all to collectively cringe.

It's a short clip (only 38 seconds), but in that time Jeb! manages to put his foot in his mouth not once, but four times. Let's break it down. 

  • First off, Jeb, there's no "G" rating in television. As Gawkerpoints out, the correct term is "TV-Y." 
  • Secondly, "killing a terrorist with your bare hands" seems a little too graphic to earn a family friendly rating, don't you think? (Also, Jeb, are you doing okay?) 
  • Third, they're referred to not as "shows" but as "episodes." Do you even watch TV?
  • And last, "I like keeping our country safe" does not answer the videographer's question, "What do you like about Homeland​?" You could've mentioned anything from Claire Danes' unparalleled acting to the show's propensity for cultural criticism to the twists and turns its plot takes, and instead you blurted out a campaign line. 

I would say "nice try," but it wasn't even that. Are you sure you're eating your green apples, Jeb?

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