Before Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took the stage, Saturday Night Live kicked off the show the way it always kicks off its show these days: making fun of the Republican candidates. On last night's show the writers took advantage of last week's messy as hell Republican debate and had all of the candidates front and center. 

After being introduced by CNN's Wolf Blitzer (Jon Rudnitsky), who makes it clear right off the bat that Carly Fiorina (Cecily Strong) and Sen. Rand Paul (Kyle Mooney) don't matter anymore, the debate took off. Most of it followed Donald Trump, expertly played by Darrell Hammond, emasculating poor Gov. Jeb Bush (Beck Bennett). At some point in the evening he even starts calling Bush "Jeborah," claiming that Bush's birth certificate says he's a woman. It's silly, probably offensive stuff, but it's exactly what we'd expect out of Trump's mouth.

Other highlights include Gov. Chris Christie's (Bobby Moynihan) blatant attempts at fear mongering, Dr. Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah) desperately trying to stay awake, and Sen. Marco Rubio (Pete Davidson) staring strangely at the camera and insisting that he's the most attractive candidate.

While it will never live up to the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin days, the debate was pretty funny in that the Republicans are pretty funny.