Jeb! Bush might really want to consider losing the "!" in light of recent events, most noticeably being called out by Trevor Noah for creeping on Supergirl and (apparently) slashing campaign expenses to keep the White House dream alive. To be fair, that dream was also the dream of his brother, an esteemed painter, and his skydiving father. In fact, the Bush fam may be exactly why Jeb! (FYI: Jeb?, Jeb., and Jeb* would all be great alternatives) is struggling to keep the money stacked.

In a thorough breakdown of Jeb's recent across-the-board pay cuts for his staff, Bloomberg's Michael C. Bender and Mark Halperin make a point to highlight many campaign supporters' greatest fear: Bush. "Analysts and rival campaigns will view the changes as a desperate act, perhaps the last one, of a man whose campaign has dropped in the polls in recent months and has remained mired in the middle of a crowded field despite a month-long blitz of friendly television ads," Bloomberg predicts. "None of the changes deal directly with what even many of Bush's supporters say is his main challenge: The burden of trying to convince voters hungry for change to choose a man whose father and brother both served as president."

The cuts will reportedly include revoking the paid status of some senior staff members, parting with selected consultants, and cutting payroll by as much as 40 percent later this week. The campaign’s overall budget is also expected to shrink by 45 percent, with some of the impacted employees staying on the campaign "on a volunteer basis." Meanwhile, Jeb's dear friend Donald Trump is out here spewing nonsense at a fourth grade level.