Donald Trump Looks Super Classy In Sia's Hair

"Sia, I love this hair."

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Despite the petition to oust him (and the fact that Latino audiences aren't really feeling it) it looks like NBC is going ahead with its plan to have Donald Trumphost tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live. He's already popped up in a few promos to rag on Ben Carson and tell everyone just how "huge" the show will be, but in this newest promo he and Sia join forces for the first time.

The clip shows SNL cast member Kate McKinnon chatting with Sia. "Who's the host?" Sia asks just before Trump waltzes in on cue. He's traded his signature carrot-colored combover for Sia's two-toned bob and tells her enthusiastically (accompanied by a characteristic left-handed chopping motion), "Sia, I love this hair." 

We can't see Sia's face so it's impossible to tell how she feels about her imitator, but it's probably along the lines of: "What a total loser." 


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