TV Land Is Done With "Cosby Show" Reruns, Theater Says He'll Still Perform

TV Land has removed "The Cosby Show" from its lineup, but Cosby's many stand-up performances are still scheduled.

Image via NBC

Sorry Rudy, Vanessa and Theo, but somebody (allegedly) went and fucked up that fat royalty check for everybody. Old-school network TV Land has announced it will no longer air syndicated re-runs of The Cosby Show in light of the many rape accusations leveled against Bill Cosby.

That announcement comes after NBC earlier today announced it was scrapping development on a new Cosby series which would have brought the former sitcom king back to his old network. Netflix also shelved a Cosby stand-up special indefinitely.

We have to wonder if Cosby's stand-up dates around the country might be the next thing to get canceled, but as of right now his more than 30 live shows are still a go. The Florida venue hosting his next performance even posted an assurance on its website that the show would go on (but we know that could change very quickly). 

“Mr. Cosby is a well-respected member of the entertainment community and one of America’s most beloved performers. While we are aware of the allegations reported in the press, we are only in a position to judge him based on his career as an entertainer and humanitarian. His sold out show at the King Center for the Performing Arts this Friday, November 21 will go on as scheduled.” 

If those shows do go on, it's going to be pretty interesting to see how people receive him. Either way, it feels like this is the end for Cosby's comeback and career in general. 

[Via AP / Mashable]

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