Sources: NBC isn't moving forward with its Cosby project

— Joe Adalian (@TVMoJoe) November 19, 2014

And just like that, it’s all over for Bill Cosby.

After Netflix indefinitely postponed Cosby’s standup special yesterday, today NBC pulled the plug on a pilot starring the former Cliff Huxtable, effectively ending the 77-year-old’s TV career. What started as part of comedian Hannibal Buress’ act has become a national media sensation, and everybody is fleeing as far away from Cosby as humanly possible after numerous allegations of rape by the comedian have come to the forefront.

This was obviously a no-brainer for NBC, who stood to gain nothing by maintaining their connection with Cosby’s name. It hasn’t helped that Cosby steadfastly refuses to discuss the issue, either, only fueling public presumptions of his guilt.

While we likely haven’t heard the last of this story, it seems farfetched at this point that Cosby will be able to revive his career as a performer.

[via Twitter]