Please Let the Sleepy Pope Take a Nap

Pope Francis appeared to fall asleep during mass today, continuing a long tradition for Catholic churchgoers.

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Continuing a centuries-long tradition for Catholics around the globe, Pope Francis fell asleep in church today during his historic first mass on U.S. soil (at least it really, really looks like he did). 

Can you really be mad at him though? The pope is 78 years old, flying around the world, meeting leaders, making history and standing through incredibly boring ceremonies at the White House. I'm young, and sometimes I need a nap if I eat too much pizza while watching football on my couch.

Not only that, but he's far from the first pope to fall asleep during mass.

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So please, give the pope a nap. The pope is sleepy. And when he wakes up, maybe a Red Bull or some Starbucks or something?


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