'Game of Thrones' Might End a Lot Sooner Than You Thought

The creators of "Game of Thrones" are considering wrapping things up with two more seasons, each with fewer episodes than normal.

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The world of HBO's Game of Thrones is huge enough that it seems like the show could really go on forever, but its creators seem to think it would be smarter to go out on top rather than hanging around the premium cable game until the series becomes a loveable but sadly incomparable shell of its younger itself.  

EW is reporting that HBO and the series' showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, are considering wrapping things up with two more seasons following Season 6, which is set to debut on April 24. In addition, those two seasons would be shorter than normal. The plan being considered right now is for Season 7 to only have seven episodes, while Season 8 would only have six episodes. Up until now, every season has ran for 10 episodes. 

Benioff told the magazine that they'd always planned for the entire series to run 73 hours total, and their thinking hasn't changed. HBO, meanwhile, released a statement saying this is all purely speculative, and that plans to move forward with Season 7 haven't even been made yet. Benioff seems pretty sure about this going out on a high note thing, though, at least for now. Or maybe now that they've run out of George R.R. Martin novels to adapt, it's just too much of a hassle.

"We wanted to end while we're still ambulatory and going strong," Benioff says. "We love the show too much." 

The best thing to do is don't worry about it, and just enjoy Season 6, which is supposedly going to be more lit than ever. And if this is President Obama reading this, you obviously already know what we're talking about.

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