Happy Halloween: 360 Pounds of Cocaine Was Found in Pumpkins

The eighth largest cocaine seizure in the history of the Port of Philadelphia was hidden in a bunch of pumpkins.

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We're exactly one day into fall and already the traditional pumpkins are beginning to arrive. Along with the non-traditional $6 million in cocaine

According to The Associated Press, federal agents at the Port of Philadelphia found 360 pounds of cocaine, aka the eighth-largest seizure there ever, hidden inside a shipment of pumpkins coming into the U.S. from Costa Rica. 

The pumpkins were reportedly bound for a distributor in New York, but the DEA told reporters that agents received a tip about the shipment before it arrived. 

So lets add pumpkins to the list of things that cocaine has been hidden inside, which now includes candy bars, a jacuzzi, bananas, custard, pineapples, an Xbox, sneakers, shampoo, luggage handles, NASA, and an ATM.


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