A Guatemalan woman travelling from El Salvador was stopped at Dulles International Airport in Virginia Sunday because she had candy—nose candy. Customs agents discovered four pounds of cocaine on her, hidden inside of chocolate bars and juice boxes (second image).

Customs and Border Protection issued this press release highlighting the particulars of the sweetest bust of the moment:

The woman arrived on a flight from San Salvador, El Salvador, and presented herself as a traveler for business. A CBP officer referred her to a secondary inspection for a baggage exam. In her baggage, CBP officers discovered eight chocolate bars, six of which contained a cocaine center, and six small drink boxes that contained plastic bags filled with cocaine. Total weight of the cocaine was 1,877 grams, or 4 pounds, 2 ounces. The street value was approximately $130,000.

Surprisingly, she was not arrested, but was booted from the U.S. and faces a five year ban. Maybe knowing that you can get away with maniacal smuggler shit will make Dulles more popular.

[via DCist]

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