"Cinderella" Destroys "Run All Night" at the Box Office

"Cinderella" racked up huge money at the box office in its opening weekend, while "Run All Night" fell short of expectations.

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The hell with a glass slipper, Cinderella can afford Louboutins now. Disney's new, live-action version of the fairy tale destroyed everything else at the box office this weekend with a $70.1 million domestic debut, and $132 million globally, Variety reports. 

This probably means you can only expect to see more Disney cartoons from your childhood going live-action. Dumbo is already happening with Tim Burton.

On the other side of the spectrum was Run All Night the latest effort from Liam Neeson, action dad. Maybe audiences are getting a little tired of the old-guy gunplay, because the film took in only $11 million in its debut, far short of what the studio was reportedly hoping for. Run All Night cost an estimated $50 million, so it's not looking good at the moment. 

The rest of the top five this weekend were all movies that had already been out for a while.

No. 3 was Kingsman: The Secret Service with $6.2 million, Will Smith's Focus was No. 4 with $5.8 million and Chappie was right behind it with a few thousand less at No. 5. 

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