Amy Schumer Plans to Be a Nice, Friendly Host at the MTV Movie Awards

Amy Schumer plans to be meanest to herself when she hosts the MTV Movie Awards.

Image via Comedy Central

Unlike many awards show hosts these days, Amy Schumer isn't treating her upcoming gig at the MTV Movie Awards like a Comedy Central roast – a chance to poop on every celebrity in the room (and outside of it). 

Talking to the Los Angeles Times about the awards coming up on Sunday, Schumer says she'll mostly take aim at her own issues.

"The meanest stuff is about myself. ... I want everybody to rest assured that there won’t be any jokes about recent deaths or people changing their gender. I’m not interested in doing that."

So don't expect any jokes about Bruce Jenner's rumored transition, or a repeat of the Roast of Justin Bieber jokes that had to be edited out before TV. 

Unless you're Kevin Hart (who's scheduled to get a Comedic Genius award at the ceremony), or another comedian; in which case, you're screwed. 

"[Hart] can totally take it. He’s such a good sport. I’m probably gonna go after him pretty hard."

Schumer said that when it comes to celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, "I don’t like interacting with them because I want them to like me so much that it’s not fun," but with comedians...

"I feel like [with] comics, I’m like, ‘I know you guys are garbage just like me.’"


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