Texas State Trooper Involved in Sandra Bland's Arrest Indicted for Perjury (UPDATE)

Trooper Brian Encinia has been indicted on perjury charges.

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UPDATE 7:20 p.m.:

According to the Associated Press Trooper Encinia will be fired from the Texas Department of Public Safety.  

UPDATE 6:25 p.m.:

Reports say Trooper Encinia has been indicted on perjury for saying he removed Bland from her vehicle to continue the traffic investigation after pulling her over. "...The grand jury found that statement to be false," said special prosecutor Shawn McDonald.

See original story below.

The Texas state trooper involved with Sandra Bland's arrest has been indicted on perjury. According to multiple reports, a Waller County grand jury indicted Trooper Brian Encinia and has reconvened its investigation into Bland's death.

Bland was arrested for a minor traffic infraction in July of last year. After she was taken into police custody, she was held over a three day period on $5,000 bond. On Monday, July 13, 2015 Bland was found hanging in her cell with a plastic bag around her neck. The Harris County medical examiner initially ruled her death an apparent suicide.

The grand jury will now resume investigating her case. As NBC Chicagoreports, "A team of special prosecutors presented evidence Wednesday before the same Waller County jurors who last month declined to indict anyone in Bland's death."

This story is developing.

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