Lindsay Lohan Shares, Deletes, Then Reshares Heartfelt Poem About ISIS and Refugees

Lindsay Lohan penned a heartfelt poem about ISIS and refugees.

Make no mistake, Lindsay Lohan has been focusing her energies on more than a mere Mean Girls revival. The actress, one-time pop star, and presidential hopeful recently appeared on CNN to discuss her humanitarian efforts to help Syrian refugees, which have been chronicled across her social media accounts. She also launched a "Lilohan" merch line, which commemorated the genesis of her mystifying new accent while benefiting AFAD and Caudwell Children. It appears her philanthropy has sparked new creative endeavors as well, as she posted, deleted, and reposted a poem to her Instagram page Tuesday seemingly referring to ISIS and her refugee activism.

“If only I can keep trying to fix it all/I would keep the world living loving and small/I would share my smiles/and give too Many kisses,” she wrote.

Though Lohan "accidentally" deleted her original Instagram post, she did not delete its corresponding tweet. "Let us all 🔺 #keepKEEPINGTHEPEACE 🔺(written by me from my upcoming book)," she wrote, revealing we may be seeing more LiLo poetry relating (at least in part) to humanitarian crises sometime in the near future.

From "Mean Girls" to helping Syrian #refugees. @LindsayLohan opens up about her humanitarian work. w/ @BeckyCNN

— Connect the World (@CNNConnect) December 29, 2016

Lohan has been vocal about her recent philanthropy, which includes, among other pursuits, bringing energy drinks to refugee camps. She recently sat down with CNN's Becky Anderson to discuss her work and experiences with refugees (you can watch the interview in full below). "For me, I've experienced a lot in life. I've come to a time—I'm 30 years old—and I made a promise to myself that I want to put my life into giving back to other people," she told Anderson.

We can attempt to explain this away all we want (just kidding), but LiLo's gonna keep doing LiLo—bizarre, heavily meme'd accent be damned. "So," in the words of poet Lindsay Lohan, "what can really be said?"

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