Lindsay Lohan has decided to once again provide a relatively vague update on a long-awaited Mean Girls sequel, this time revealing she's already penned a treatment. Technically speaking, a regrettable sequel to the 2004 modern classic already exists. But Mean Girls 2, released as an ABC Family original in 2011, was essentially little more than a shameless cash grab with a Tim Meadows appearance.

Speaking with CNN Thursday, Lohan revealed the latest incarnation of her plans for a proper (i.e. not shitty) Mean Girls sequel. "I would love to have Jamie Lee Curtis and Jimmy Fallon in the movie," Lohan said, as first reported by E! News. "I've already written a treatment for it, so I just need a response." Lohan added that Tina Fey, Lorne Michael, and Paramount are "very busy" at the moment but will remain tasked with responding to her "forcing it and pushing it" until the Mean Girls crew is back together.

Back in March, Fey spoke with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about her forthcoming Mean Girls musical adaptation. The production, Fey announced, will not feature any stars from the original film, herself included. "I would get a professional Broadway person," she said. As for when to expect the presumed Broadway smash, Fey remains hilariously unclear: "Whenever Hamilton closes," she joked. According to Fey's best estimates, that means we can likely expect Mean Girls: The Musical to open in 2027:

As long as both of these Mean Girls projects in no way resemble this:

Then no complaints here.