Repeat Holiday Offender Steals $2,000 Worth of Christmas Decorations

The nightmare before Christmas.


For a neighborhood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the real "nightmare before Christmas" was that the Halloween decorative thief that stole from them would return to steal their Christmas decorations. And indeed he did.

Carrie Carley, 42, told the local CBS affiliate that her husband, 18-year-old, Jeremy Lewallen, that they are not a crime duo. Carley fingered Lewallen as the only one who stole plastic Christmas cheer from their neighbors. Lewallen and Carley were both arrested on December 19 after a neighbor recognized some of his decorations on Carley's front lawn. Carley is concerned that she could face additional fines because the crime scene was her lawn. 

Carley told KKTV, “Every morning he’d go out for a walk, at like 2 or 3, and then there was just more stuff in the yard." A plastic Rudolph, an inflated Snoopy, candy canes, and numerous other cheery delights were removed by police, and valued at $2,000 in booty. 

Lewallen also spent time in jail in November for stealing Halloween decorations. He had to spend Christmas morning in jail. In true villain form, Lewallen, was said to have "chuckled" when he was hauled off by police.

[via CBS Denver]

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