Nearly two months after The Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley was found dead in his car in Georgia, the nature of his death remains unclear.

TMZ reports that officials have confirmed that Moseley’s immediate cause of death was a “gunshot wound to the head,” though it  “could not be determined” if his death was an accident, suicide or homicide. His death certificate states that he shot himself, but it has not been determined if the act was intentional or accidental.

In light of the inconclusive evidence, a source told the outlet that Moseley’s family remains unconvinced that the actor took his own life. Back in February, the actor’s sister, Teerea Kimbro, shared with TMZ that she believed her brother was abducted and eventually murdered. Kimbro said he would never miss work, which had her doubting suicide.

Meanwhile, investigators are still considering all possibilities. 

“During the preliminary investigation, the potential of the death being a suicide was considered while not ruling out any other possibilities,” Captain Randy Lee of the Stockbridge Police Department told the outlet last month. “As investigators progressed their investigation and more evidence was processed, reviewed and analyzed, other possibilities have presented themselves including accidental.”

Lee added, “It is important to note, the case is still currently open/active and ALL possibilities and leads are being thoroughly investigated.”

In tandem with the release of Moseley’s death certificate, the actor’s sister revealed that the family received a letter of condolences from President Joe Biden and the First Lady.

“Jill and I are sending you are heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved Moses,” Biden wrote. “I know there are few words I can share that will ease the pain of losing a loved one. You are in my thoughts and prayers.”

The letter continued, “Though the grieving process never quite ends, I promise you the day will come when the memory of Moses will bring a smile to your lips before I brings a tear to your eye. My prayer for you is that this day comes sooner rather than later.”