Nick Cannon Roasted for ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’ Game Show, Which Turns Out to Be a Comedy Sketch for Kevin Hart

“You’re gonna get some contestants that want to have your baby!” Kevin Hart says in a promo clip from a new E! game show that turns out to be a comedy sketch.

Nick Cannon speaks onstage at Hip Hop & Mental Health

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Nick Cannon speaks onstage at Hip Hop & Mental Health

Nick Cannon, a father of 12 children, shocked people on Tuesday by seemingly announcing a Kevin Hart-hosted game show titled Who’s Having My Baby? With Nick Cannon.

Cannon took to social media to tease that the project would arrive this spring. “We’re expecting…a new show on E!” he captioned a very official-looking poster a day after drumming up anticipation by hinting at some baby-related news.

“You’re gonna get some contestants that want to have your baby!” Hart says in a short, boisterous “promo.”

We’re expecting…a new show on E! 👀 🍼 #WhosHavingMyBaby premieres this Spring on @eentertainment! @KevinHart4real

The official E! Entertainment Twitter account got in on it too, writing, “We’re def not kidding around! So excited for this!”

Variety soon reported that the game show is a hoax, with Who’s Having My Baby? destined to be a sketch for an “upcoming, not-yet-announced project.” Insiders said official info could arrive as soon as Wednesday, and Variety notes that “Hart continues to expand his empire with another comedy franchise inside the NBCUniversal universe.” The 43-year-old comic/actor signed a first-look deal with Peacock in 2020.

Last month Cannon—who welcomed five babies in 2022 and received a condom vending machine from Hart—spoke about his ever-growing family, saying the decision to have more kids rests in God’s hands. “God decides when we’re done, but I believe I definitely got my hands full,” Nick told Entertainment Tonight. “And I’m so focused. I’m locked in. But when I’m 85, you never know. I might.”

As strong, stunned reactions to the Who’s Having My Baby? With Nick Cannon “promo” started pouring in, the Masked Singer host retweeted and responded to a number of them, writing, “These thought provoking ‘Think Pieces’ about my Penis are riveting!”

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Scroll down to see some of the reactions to Cannon and Hart’s fake E! game show.

.@JoeBiden @FBI @UN someone please stop this

@eentertainment @NickCannon @KevinHart4real

They really gave Nick cannon a tv show where women are competing to have his baby… degeneracy and birdism

@PopBase Game show where we watch different women give him a vasectomy when?

CDC Issues Dire Warning That Nick Cannon Is Feeling Horny

@NickCannon @eentertainment @KevinHart4real

We get closer to the hunger games every day

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