Joe Budden Confirms He Was Punched Following Rumors of Altercation, Denies Being Jumped

It's unclear where the rumor started, though some people are speculating the alleged altercation involved DJ Envy's crew.

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Joe Budden is shutting down rumors that he was jumped in New York City this weekend.

It's unclear where the rumors began, though numerous people on social media are suggesting that Budden was involved in an altercation related to the podcast host's commentary on DJ Envy and Cesar Pina’s  "Ponzi scheme" real estate business.

On Sunday, one of Budden's associates, Tony "The Closer" Robinson, hopped on Twitter to address the rumors.

"I just heard from Joe Budden he good y’all be hype as shit to say he got jumped," Robinson wrote. "Like what world we celebrate n***as jumping n***as. He ain’t have a scratch on his face don’t know who he got into it with but he definitely didn’t look like he got jumped."

In a subsequent tweet, Robinson revealed that Budden had confirmed the incident had "nothing to do with Cesar and his ppl."

Twitter: @tonythecloser_

Twitter: @tonythecloser_

Hours after Robinson's remarks about the alleged jumping, Budden hopped on Instagram Live to address the story.

"Never believe the internet rumor," Budden shared, before admitting that he was in fact punched while enjoying a night out in New York City.

"N***a popped back and socked me one time," he explained. "But that's all you gon' get. I keep telling y'all, I eat a punch well. Now we gotta go. Now we gotta get it on. I don't like this internet stuff. Don't believe none of that."

He also posted a clip of Kobe Bryant talking about getting double-teamed during pick-up, boastfully saying they have to "send another one."

Watch Budden shed light on the altercation in the tweet below.

Twitter: @ancestralplanee

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