TikTok Star Pinkydoll Responds to Accusations She Lightened Her Complexion for Streams

Following her appearance at the 2023 Streamy Awards, some suggested the TikTok star presented herself online as light-skinned.

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TikTok NPC streamer Pinkydoll has responded to accusations that she lightens the complexion of her skin when streaming online following her appearance at the 2023 Streamy Awards.

"Well, you know, when I go to the sun, I can get a little darker," she said when asked by TMZ about the reaction online. "It's life, what can I do? And I love to be a Black woman, the fuck do you mean? ... I think they're just hating." During the brief chat, she also said that she plans to pursue music and said she "loves" to see the increase of NPC streamers after she helped popularize the trend even further.

Some fans appeared shocked after Pinkydoll, real name Fedha Sinon, made an appearance onstage at the 2023 Streamy Awards. Some suggested that she "tricked" racists and the algorithms by presenting her complexion as lighter than she actually is. Others were more negative and implied that she benefited from colorism and should be criticized for it.

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Pinkydoll has exploded in popularity over the last few months. The content creator and streamer has garnered a fanbase for her repetitive streams, in which she reacts to gifts from viewers. Many people's first exposure to her was the bizarre clip in which she proclaimed, "mmm ice cream so good" while popping individual popcorn kernels with a hair straightener.

Despite how strange the trend might seem, she's gotten some big-name fans including Timbaland and ATL Jacob, who were the top viewers of one of her streams last month. She's also hollered at fellow Canadian Drake after she found out he enjoys cosplay and asked if Ice Spice is down for a collaboration after a fan shared a mashup of the two on a song together.

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