Steve-O Detained by Police After Jumping Off Tower of London Bridge

The 'Jackass' star is in London ahead of a live show as part of his 'The Bucket List' tour.

Jackass star Steve-O was detained by police on Thursday, July 6 after he illegally jumped off the Tower of London Bridge.

Per TMZ, Steve-O is currently on tour and is planning to film his third comedy special at an upcoming show in London. Ahead of the show, however, he decided to do an impromptu stunt off the London landmark into the River Thames below. Equipped with an umbrella featuring a union jack, he managed to safely land in the river but was met with police when he made it to land.

He told TMZ that he spent a good chunk of his day in the back of a police car. Officers said they didn't want his stunt to inspire others to take a potentially fatal leap into the Thames. While the authorities eventually let him go, he said the worst part of the experience was actually being in the Thames itself. The river is notoriously dirty, plus Steve-O recently got a tattoo that's still healing. Not exactly a good pairing, then.


The Tower of London Bridge jump wasn't the only stunt he did while out and about in London. In a post shared on Instagram, he shared how he climbed onto the roof of a double-decker bus.

"I asked for a professional photographer in London to shoot me illegally climbing onto the roof of a big, red double-decker bus, and @mikechudley absolutely killed it!" he wrote alongside a picture of him jumping off the roof. "The bus driver was really cool about the surprise, too—I promised him we would obscure anything identifiable about him or his individual bus! What a day I had yesterday."

Earlier this month, Steve-O reflected on how filming the fourth Jackass movie, Jackass Forever, was actually "kind of a bummer" overall. “It’s not fun to watch [Johnny] Knoxville get hit in the head anymore,” Steve-O said, noting that he shared a message with the cast and crew they filmed the infamous bull-based stunt that knocked Knoxville out. He thanked his fellow cast members for the "sacrifices" they've made during the filming of the movies, but wanted them to stop doing anything that could potentially cause brain damage. "It was one of my more serious and sincere messages," he added.

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