Rob McElhenney on Being Diagnosed With 'Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Learning Disabilities': 'You’re Not Alone'

The 46-year-old 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' co-creator and star, who was recently diagnosed, said he wanted to share the news to let people know they're "not alone."

Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator and star Rob McElhenney has revealed that he was recently diagnosed with "neurodevelopmental disorders" and various learning disabilities.

In a tweet shared on Wednesday, the actor and comedy writer shared his diagnosis and said he'll talk about it in-depth in an upcoming episode of the official Always Sunny podcast with his co-stars and co-creators, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton. "I was recently diagnosed with a host of neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities! At 46!" McElhenney tweeted.

"I go through the full diagnosis/prognosis on the @thesunnypodcast (which drops in 2 weeks)," he continued. "It’s not something I would normally talk about publicly but I figured there are others who struggle with similar things and I wanted to remind you that you’re not alone. You’re not stupid. You’re not 'bad'. It might feel that way sometimes. But it’s not true :)"

Twitter: @RMcElhenney

McElhenney has had an immensely successful career as one of the lead creatives behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest, on which he also stars, directs, and writes for.

Learning disabilities impact a person's ability to take in information, which could otherwise prevent them from learning a skill to its full potential. It hasn't stopped McElhenney from being one of the most beloved people in TV comedy, though. Outside of entertainment, he's also the co-owner of Welsh soccer team Wrexham FC, which he purchased with alongside Ryan Reynolds in 2020.

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