Kevin Hart Opens Up About Being Robbed at Gunpoint as a Kid Alongside His Mom

On the latest episode of the 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' podcast, Kevin Hart opened up about the time he and his mother got robbed at gunpoint.

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Kevin Hart has opened up about the time he and his late mother were victims of a robbery at gunpoint.

“Me and my mom got robbed,” the Philadelphia native revealed on the latest episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, as seen above at the 23:30 mark. “Wanna hear the crazy part? [We were] coming from a laundromat. … We got the shopping cart, I’m talking folded clothes, right, my Mom got the cart. I got my book bag, I used to go to the laundromat do the homework. My mom just carrying this little orange fanny pack, dude came out, he said, ‘Get that shit up, bitch.’ And my Mom was like, ‘No.’”

With a smile on his face, Hart, 43, reiterated that his mother Nancy outright refused to let the assailant take her belongings. “I swear to God,” he said. “Hand on the Bible, my mom said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘You think I’m fucking playing with you? Get that shit up.’ My mom was like, ‘It’s nothing in it, and no.’ I’m just standing there, I’m looking…I’m shocked that I’m looking at a gun. He snatched it off, he go through it. My mom had a bunch of tokens in there, right? Guy get mad, he throw it at my mom. ‘You broke bitch.’ He called my mama a broke bitch.”

When the man threw the fanny pack right back at her, Kevin said she told him, “I told you it was nothing in it.” He recalled how she just picked up the bag and continued on “like nothing happened.” While she was able to brush off the incident, the comedian/actor felt like he was “going to die” at that moment. “She made me push the cart the rest of the way,” he added. “I never walked up that street again. The rest of my life I took the longest way to get to the laundromat. What once was a five minute walk took me 30 minutes.”

While he was able to recall the incident clearly, he added that Nancy never spoke about it with him after it went down. “That’s what [kind of] area that was,” he noted. “You tell me to go down there right now, I’ma say, ‘You go first.’”

You can watch Hart’s full Million Dollaz Worth of Game episode above or listen below.

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