Johnny Knoxville Runs Obstacle Course Full of ‘Jackass’ References on ‘Corden’

Johnny Knoxville stopped by the 'Late Late Show with James Corden' ​​​​​​​for an interview and to go through a 'Jackass'-style obstacle course.

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Ahead of the arrival of Jackass Forever, Johnny Knoxville stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden for an interview—and to get put through an obstacle course.

Kicking off with Knoxville struggling to find his way through the offices to the stage, the clip sees Corden guide the 50-year-old while warning him there’s some “construction work” going on. They get subjected to all sorts of abuse on their way to the stage, with a brutal Lego crawl right near the start. A number of references to classic Jackass segments and motifs ensue, including bowling on skateboards, “antiquing,” pillow fighting, people in gorilla suits, and the boxer Butterbean.

After making their way to stage, Knoxville sat down for an interview alongside Parks and Recreation hero Nick Offerman. Johnny spoke about Jackass Forever and went into detail about his experiences at the recent 2022 WWE Royal Rumble, which saw him the target of wrestlers including Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, and Montez Ford. 

After showing a clip of Ford hitting Knoxville with a painful-looking frog splash, the daredevil revealed a very sensitive part of his body took the brunt of the impact.”That was all balls,” he told Corden. “I was dying. I thought maybe I was going to catch it in the chest, but no. Frog splash to the nuts.” Asked how he felt in the ensuing moments, he replied, “Terrible, because I still had to fight.” 

Johnny Knoxville also mentioned  Zayn has threatened to turn up at the Jackass Forever premiere, and he’s not exactly thrilled about it. “I do not like this man,” he told Corden. “He kicked me in the face!”

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Watch both clips of Knoxville on Corden above.

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