While there’s not been a comedian edition of Verzuz yet, Damon Wayans said he’d be up for a potential battle against Dave Chappelle.

During an interview on KBXX 97.9 the Box, Wayans was asked if he had been keeping up with the Verzuz battles between musicians. “No, I have not,” he said, “Do they do [it with] comedians?” Asked who he would be willing to go up against in a hypothetical comedian edition of Verzuz, he immediately replied, “Chappelle, I’m calling him out!”

The 60-year-old comedian and actor, perhaps best known for his work on the beloved sketch comedy show In Living Color, is clearly confident in his stand-up abilities if he’s willing to go up against Dave Chappelle. There hasn’t been an edition of Verzuz dedicated to something other than music just yet, but that’s not to say Wayans and Chappelle couldn’t face-off in the future.