Blac Chyna and Tyga Custody Battle: Model Sold Personal Items for a ‘Fresh Start’

The model formerly known as Blac Chyna said she doesn't value materialistic things at this point in her life.

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Angela White, the model formerly known as Blac Chyna, has addressed recent reports she was selling personal items to stay afloat amid her ongoing custody battle with Tyga.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she was asked about court documents showing she sold personal items including clothes, purses, and shoes to her friends and family through an online consignment store and to her friends and family. "I feel like a lot of things hold energy, right? And we had discussed this before, I just kind of wanted a fresh start," White said. "And I don't think nothing's wrong with selling your old stuff. Like, people have eBay, people sell their old cars... But, for me, I feel like now [at] this point in my life I don't really value materialistic things."

While she admitted many of these personal belongings "look nice," it feels reductive for her to "hustle for this money" only to spend it on things that could potentially "just disappear" at any point. "You might leave it somewhere, somebody could rob you, steal from you, and all of that. That's why I kind of like also stepped away from wearing a lot of flashy jewelry," she said. "I feel like I'm a target already, so why even bring more attention to myself?"

Right now, she said that the most important thing to her is getting joint custody of her 10-year-old son with Tyga, King Cairo. "The most important thing for me right now is battling my custody case to get my son, King," White said. "Once that's out the way, I feel like I can go onto the next thing, but that right now is my main priority. My kids are my main priority... [and] I'm not gonna give up, at all. Moms don't give up on their kids."

During the chat, she also addressed her departure from OnlyFans, which she reportedly earned $240 million from in 2021. "I will never go back on OnlyFans," she said. "As fast as [the money] comes, as fast it goes. And also, too, it comes with a lot of negativity, you know? My kids are getting older, they see all these things, and I'm just not going out like that."

White is seeking a more consistent visitation schedule to see King Cairo and is also asking for Tyga to pay her legal fees in the case. In legal documents about the case, White referred to "plummeting business sales" as one of the reasons she's sold over $178,000 in personal belongings this year. “It is only a temporary solution as I will eventually run out of items that I can sell," she wrote in the docs.

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