Armie Hammer's Ex Says He Was Up-Front About Cannibalism Kink, Gave Her an STD

Comedian Brittany Schmitt opened up about her "situationship" with Hammer on her podcast.

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Comedian Brittany Schmitt has shared details of her "situationship" with Armie Hammer, and suggested he was very up-front about his cannibalism kink.

On the latest episode of her This Is the Worst podcast with Brittany Furlan Lee, Schmitt said that she "briefly mentioned" in the previous episode "having a situationship with a monster, with a bad guy who gave me an STD." She straight-up confirmed that she was referring to Hammer, who was accused of rape, various kinks involving non-consensual sex and cannibalism, and generally abusive behavior in 2021.

"I knew going into it, his reputation preceded himself. I knew he was a bad guy, I knew he had gotten taken down already, and I met him through sober friends," she shared around the 6-minute mark. "As somebody who's in recovery, I believe in a redemption arc and I believe that people can change. ... When I met him, it was all, 'I'm sober, I'm, different, I'm working this program I'm doing this I'm doing that.' ... I asked him in our first text conversation, I said, 'Are you single?' ... He said, 'Yes.'"

Schmitt said that she and Hammer had "a short situationship between August and September," but looking back now she doubts that he was actually single at the time because a woman he was talking to from Prague later claimed they were engaged.

"He was very open about everything," she continued. "Anytime I had a question about anything about the cannibalism, all the stuff in the media, he was very willing to talk about it. I immediately was like, 'We are going to obviously have to talk about the cannibalism. What's up with that?' And the way he explained it to me is, he said, 'It's a cycle of completion.' So he's like, 'I'm inside of you I want you to be inside of me.' I'm like, 'Could I just put a finger in your butt? Do you need my McRibs?'"

Schmitt said Hammer denied ever actually eating human flesh or meat, but explained that he was very much into biting during intercourse. "He will push it to the limit with biting," she added. "He will go as hard as you let him go with biting. ... It would get really fucking hard and I'd be like, 'Stop.' So, in my experience, there was no... I was consensual with everything that was going on and when I told him to stop he would stop. So, I didn't have the same experiences as the other other girls. Not negating any of their experiences or taking it away or saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying my experience was different."

Among the accusations that Hammer faced were multiple women claiming he wanted to "brand" them, which is something Schmitt said he did to her, too, when he gave her and himself matching tattoos. "This is, like, my bad in not noticing a red flag," she admitted. "So the first night we did hang out, he did give us tattoos. ... It did escalate over the time that he was staying with this guy he was sober companioning. He did order a tattoo gun and he started tattooing strangers. He was like, calling it 'Cannibal Ink.' He thought he was being funny, and I'm like, 'Maybe don't lean into that.'"

Schmitt explained that she was "not proud" of what she got into with Hammer, but said he was "a great actor" and was "convincing" in selling her his redemption arc. "It's a short relationship, but it was a lot in a short period of time," she said. Schmitt described Hammer as engaging in "narcissistic" behavior and gradually revealing manipulative behavior. Shortly after their situation fell apart, she noticed she was "itchy" and "kind of smelly," so she spoke to her gynecologist and concluded that Hammer was responsible for her ailments.

Hammer made his return to social media last month with a message about "healing" following his major scandal, which resulted in him taking a step back from acting in 2021. The actor, perhaps best known for Call Me By Your Name, posted a quote by American Tibetan-Buddhist and nun Pema Chödrön to his Instagram Stories for his 1.1 million followers.

In 2021, Efrosina Angelov, claimed on social media that she had a years-long affair with Hammer, who was married with children at the time, and shared a text conversation where he expressed his desire to inflict pain on her and that he was "100 percent a cannibal." She additionally accused him of rape, but he ultimately wasn't charged with the assault, which he denied.

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