50 Cent: 'BET Get the F**k Outta Here'

The rapper is not happy about the network's new show 'Games People Play.'

50 Cent

Image via Getty/Gilbert Carrasquillo

50 Cent

A master provocateur, 50 Cent has shifted his sights from his usual targets in favor of BET. The Power and For Life producer previously worked on a show for BET titled 50 Central, but it proved to be a ratings bomb for the network and was canceled after one season. Now, he's taking aim at BET's new show Games People Play, presumably for the striking similarities 50 thinks it bears to his own work. 

"See how these networks be watching me," he wrote. "SEX, MONEY, MURDER hun nah. How you doing sex money murder with no BX, no soundview, no pistol Pete. BET get the fuck outta here." Earlier this year, 50 announced that he was working on his own show which he called "The Pistol Pete Story." Based on the infamous story of New York City's Sex Money Murder gang and their alleged leader Peter "Pistol Pete" Rollack," the show currently doesn't have a release date. But 50 still thinks that BET has taken inspiration from his announcement. BET used the tagline "SEX MONEY MURDER" to promote Games People Play.

In a follow-up post, he clarified that he doesn't hate everyone at BET. "Fuck BET the only thing fly about the network is Conny Orlando," he wrote. "I ain't gonna lie I would kiss her in the mouth and wouldn't give a fuck who don't like it. LOL."

Sex Money Murder is set to be produced by 50 and Oscar-winning producer Nicole Rocklin. It has yet to find a network.

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