Cuba Gooding Jr. Ate My Cell Phone

We talked to the guy who got his cell phone snatched by Cuba Gooding, Jr.

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Last Sunday, Cuba Gooding, Jr. put on a show at Club LIV in Miami. The former Oscar winner and star of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story made headlines when video surfaced of him dancing on top of a table with his shirt off, dancing all sorts of crazy, and literally attempting to eat someone's cell phone. We managed to track down the lucky (unlucky?) owner of that cell phone. Flash Garments is a Miami-based rapper who frequents LIV on Sundays. Not only did he grant us what turned out to be a funny interview, he gave us exclusive video of Cuba gyrating and footage of the moment the actor snatched his phone and put it in his mouth.

This is how you party when you're the star of a critically acclaimed show; this is how you party when you're the Juice.

Tell us about that night.
[Laughs.] My boy, Phil the Mayor for Headliner Market Group, is the promoter for LIV on Sundays. I'm in a section that I'm always in on Sundays, and Cuba Gooding was in the section directly in front of us. We were by where the artists perform. Floyd Mayweather was in the building, Future, my boy Zoey Dollaz, and Rick Ross was hosting.

None of them were partying with Cuba Gooding?
No, none of them. They were all shocked. [Laughs.] This is basically what happened. I get in the section, just hanging out, everybody's partying, and he's acting a little abnormal. We weren't sure was going on because he was shifting people around in his VIP and looking sporadic. I've never seen anyone act like that before. There was a group of girls in front of me and he kissed one girl's hand, and she was like: "Who's that?" And I'm like: "Oh, that's Cuba Gooding." Then he started doing weirder stuff like putting his fingers in his mouth and touching her face.

Wait. What?
He put his fingers in his mouth and then touched her face. Then she looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't know what was going on. So as soon as Rick Ross starts performing "I'm Not A Star," Cuba Gooding jumped up on the platform in front me, took off his shirt, and put it on his head. And then he started gyrating, in slo-mo.

Like Von Miller?
He started going in. So I started recording. I look back and I'm seeing everybody recording Cuba and not recording Ross at all. And before I know, he snatches my phone. I was shocked. People told me Wendy Williams was on her show talking about how I should get rid of my phone.

Are you going to?
I used Purell and then I got a new phone case the next day. Right when I got it back I put it on a table, I Purell'ed my hands and then Purell'ed my whole phone.

So he was wildin' the whole night, huh?
Yeah, DeRay Davis told me he was straight up trippin'. If you notice in the videos floating around, he reached for my phone more than once. He reached for it once and missed, then grabbed it when I wasn't looking. I was happy as hell when I got my phone back. I didn't know what he was going to do with it. I thought he was going to destroy it. Then he put it in his mouth and I was like, "What kind of party is this?"

He gave it back like it was nothin'.
He gave it back like it was some type of ritual.

Did he talk to you after?
No, I met him in that section prior to all that and it was normal. He went from 0 to 1,000 out of nowhere.

Have you watched the O.J. show?
Yeah, it's a great show. I'm trying to tell you, I didn't expect that from him. He picked a big girl up. He tried to curl a big girl on some weightlifting shit. 

Did he fall when he lifted her up?
Nope. He lifted her and put her back down.

Cuba had the Henny strength.
He definitely had the power. [Laughs.]

When did you realize that the video of him eating your phone was all over the place?
I realized when I woke up and saw it on TV. People hit me up talking about, "You're famous now for Cuba Gooding, Jr. trying to eat your phone." Nobody has the footage I have, though. I'm going to start documenting shit that goes down at LIV now.

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