The Cover of Kim Kardashian's Selfie Book Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

The cover of Kim Kardashian's selfie books is crazy... and expected.

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With just a few months to go until we see Kim Kardashian's "book" Selfish, a 352-page collection of the reality star's selfies, she dropped the cover today. It is... pretty much what you'd expect.

Kim posted the cover on Twitter and then Instagram, along with the caption:

So proud to share the cover of my book Selfish, out in May! Thank you Rizzoli for making this happen & being the best partner. A big thank you to the Donda team & Kanye for inspiring this idea & helping to design this book so I can share a decade of selfies in such an intimate & artistic way! Can't wait for you to all see this book! Xo #Selfish #Rizzoli #Donda

The minimalist cover—although that adjective undersells the gravity of what's going on here—is clearly influenced by the tastes of Kanye West and his creative agency Donda, and now we're that much more excited to see the rest of these "intimate & artistic" selfies when they drop in May.

Asked to comment on the Selfish cover, Kanye said, "HEADING HOME NOW." 


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