The old adage goes something like: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

If Kim Kardashian's life is any measure of this sentiment, it should come as little surprise that the queen of personal branding has just finalized a book deal with publisher Rizzoli's Universe to release a photo book consisting entirely of selfies. Ya, know...of herself. The 352 page magnum opus adroitly titled, Selfish, will be the sort of coffee table volume that'll make you feel like an idiot for wasting your money on that Ansel Adams hardcover. We're assuming that the $19.95 hardcover was numbered at 352 pages so you'll be able to enjoy a selfie-a-day as a personal affirmation and source of strength before facing the world.

The inspiration for the book apparently came from the collection of Polaroids she had been snapping for Kanye. No word if Selfish is going to be as much of a revenue-generator as the $200 million mobile game du jour, Kim Kardashian's Hollywood,  but the Kim fans will be turning out for this regardless.

[via Eonline]