From A Soldier’s POV: 7 Ways The Army Helped Unlimit Their Potential

There's no limit to what the Army can do, and these Soldiers are here to tell you why.

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Every Soldier has their reasons for joining the Army, but those reasons aren’t often publicized to the masses. It’s not just about striving to protect the frontlines, it’s about embracing diverse experiences, and gaining the skills and knowledge to transform themselves into the leaders they know they’re capable of becoming.  

To help tell those stories, Complex teamed up with the US Army and three Soldiers—Sgt. Anthony Amos, Sgt. Renieal Campbell, and Lt. Col. Beatriz Florez—for our Inside the Unlimited video series. Their respective narratives  provide a unique glance into the ways their experiences in uniform have transformed their lives out of uniform, and changed their future for the better. From these inspiring stories, we're sharing seven ways working for the Army can help you unlock your potential and strive towards greatness.

Lt. Col. Florez

1. “We develop this network of peers and friends and mentors that are there that want to see you succeed.”

2. “The Army has given me purpose, community, and identity.” 

3. “I can confidently stand in front of a large formation and provide that leadership, that inspiration, and that motivation.”

Sgt. Campbell

4. “Being a Drill Sergeant is one of the most prestigious roles you can take on … you are a subject matter expert on pretty much everything.” 

5. “Get to travel, meet new people, make more friends.”

Sgt. Amos

6. “Learning to be able to lead…the Army’s gonna offer you that.”

7. “My superpower would probably be some type of hardened skin because of the mental fortitude the Army helped me develop.”

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