The Army Gave Her the Confidence to Lead Soldiers Around the World

Lt. Col. Florez may have been shy as a kid, but the Army gave her the confidence to become a leader, help her community, and inspire the next generation.

For Lt. Col. Beatriz Florez, joining the Army unlocked a world of possibilities. Not only has it given her the opportunity to travel the world, it’s given her a sense of confidence that she didn’t have when she was younger. It was also through her service that she found her passion for dancing which is an integral part of who she is today. 

As a proud Mexican-American, Lt. Col. Florez always had a love for Mexican and Tejano music. But it wasn’t until she was deployed abroad that she started to attend salsa nights with her fellow Soldiers on base. Since then, she’s found a love for dancing to Latin rhythms, and is using that passion to raise funds for veterans through her Salsa for Soldiers initiative. 

When she’s not on the dance floor, she’s leading hundreds of Soldiers and serving as a mentor for those who want to succeed. 

“When I was younger, I was more introverted and quiet,” says Lt. Col. Florez  “[But] the Army built that confidence in me.”

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