The Army Gave This Beauty Queen the Confidence to Thrive

Drill Sergeant Renieal Campbell isn't just a boss, she's a beauty queen. And it's her time in the Army that instilled her confidence. Find out how she did it.

Drill Sergeant Renieal Campbell is as chill as they come, and loves to have fun with her friends. But she’s a totally different person when it’s time to put on her Army uniform.

Hailing from New Castle, Delaware, Sgt. Campbell never envisioned a life in the military. Her parents didn’t either. But she found herself and her confidence as a Black woman when she joined the Army. As a Drill Sergeant in the US Army Reserve, she serves in one of the most crucial roles in the whole military. Her drive stems from the support of her family, which gives her the motivation to get through just about anything.  

During her time in the Army, Sgt. Campbell has become an expert on everything from combat-ready training to beauty pageants. She’s traveled the world, met new people, made lifelong friends, and was even named Miss Pennsylvania Earth USA earlier this year, showing that women in the Army can still embrace their feminine side. Just peep her hair and nail game.

“Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it [in the Army]”, says Sgt. Campbell. And for her, that includes a huge boost in confidence. 

“The Army has definitely made being confident one of the biggest attributes that I have now,” Sgt. Campbell says. “Everything that I do in my life… has been made possible because of my new found level of confidence.”

To learn more about Sgt. Campbell’s growth in the Army, check out the latest episode of Inside the Unlimited, and find the confidence to be all you can be. Then, visit GoArmy and take the first steps towards writing your own story.

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